Eventually, it happened! The 6th Computational Molecular Science (a.k.a. CMS) took place just a week ago here at Warwick Uni, featuring five sessions from biomolecular simulations to machine learning. Thanks to the amazing contributions of all the participants, from (awesome) keynote lectures to (genuinely outstanding!) posters, I feel it is safe to say the meeting was quite successful indeed.

A massive thanks to the numerous sponsors that have supported this endavour (CCPBioSim, CCP5, CCP9, the Farady Division of the Royal Society of Chemistry, PCCP, Warwick GRP Energy and Warwick GRP Materials) as well as all the members of the SossoGroup (and of the Computational Division here in Warwick – go G Block!) – absolutely key to deliver.

What’s next? Well, the CMS is about to change venue… volounteers: step ahead, please – there is some ethernal glory up for grab!