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Group Founder

Dr Gabriele C. Sosso

Dr Gabriele C. Sosso

PhD Students

Chris Miles

Fabienne Bachtiger

Fabienne Bachtiger

Harry Tunstall

Kat Blow

Trent Barnard

Matt Warren

Master's Students

Amy Ho

Cami Wells

Previous Members:

  • Harry Hagan [MChem Student]. Project: “Exploring Machine Learning Methods for Drug Discovery”
  • Jonathon Ong [MChem Student]. Project: “Exploring Molecular Descriptors: Clique Vocabulary and Weighted Atom-Centred Symmetry Functions”
  • Steven Tseng [MathSys CDT MSc student] (webpage). Project: “Will They Fit? Colored Graphs Meet Additive Kernels to Improve Drug Design via Machine Learning”
  • Gediminas Pazera [URSS Warwick Student] (webpage). Project: “Harnessing Machine Learning-based Interatomic Potentials to Compute the Thermal Conductivity of Amorphous Carbon”
  • Ozan Caglar [URSS Warwick Student] (webpage). Project: Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Supercooled Water on Phospholipid Monolayers”
  • Roshan Gupta [URSS Warwick Student] (webpage). Project: Raman Spectrum of a Controversial Amorphous Model of the Phase Change Material Ge2Sb2Tevia a Bond Polarizability Model”