Academic Year 2018-2019

  • [Chemistry, year II] Electrochemistry and Statistical Mechanics (CH2-P1) || Statistical Mechanics
  • [Chemistry, year I] Thermodynamics (CH162)
  • [Chemistry, year IV] Advanced Computational Physical Chemistry (Module code to be announced)
  • [MAS CDT] Introduction to Chemistry and Biochemistry (CH932) || Quantum Chemistry

love stat mech

Past Teaching Activity

2015-2017. Electronic Structure Methods for Material Modelling (Lecture Series, Postgraduates students, PHASG473, UCL)

Reminder of Statistical Mechanics: Lectures notes

Ab initio Molecular Dynamics: Lecture notes

Beyond NVE: Ensembles Medley. Lecture notes

Enhanced Sampling Methods (Vol. 1): Lecture notes

Enhanced Sampling Methods (Vol. 2): Lecture notes

Surfaces and Interfaces: Lecture notes

Disordered Systems: Lecture notes