DImEnsION @ Warwick: a research group led by Dr. G.C. Sosso, focussing  on Molecular Simulations of Disordered Systems and Phase Transitions.

We use Computational Methods  to investigate the functional properties of systems of practical relevance, such as water and ice or amorphous solids of interest for electronic devices.

DImEnsION @ Warwick focuses onMolecular Simulations of Disordered Systems and Phase Transitions.








Case study


Case study

The formation of ice on cholesterol crystals: unravelling the molecular-level details by means of a combined effort of experiments and simulations. Check out the whole story – published in an open access article available here. Thanks to the Royal Society of Chemistry for condensing our work into a snazzy video!

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Gabriele teaches Statistical Mechanics – that branch of physics connecting the microscopic world (stuff best dealt with via Quantum Mechanics) and the macroscopic world (stuff described by Thermodynamics).

Incidentally, Statistical Mechanics also represents the theoretical foundations of much of the computational work taking place at DImEnsION @ Warwick…

On top of that, Gabriele will soon lecture about Thermodynamics as well, and he will also deliver part of a module ominously named “Advanced Computational Chemistry”.

Everything relevant to the Statistical Mechanics module can be found on Moodle Warwick, but check out our Teaching page for selected material…

Most importantly, do remember…

love stat mech

A number of opportunities to join DImEnsION @ Warwick are presently availabe:


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