A PhD Studentship (to start in October 2024) is now available at Warwick Uni – jointly supervised by Gabriele and James (Sprittles, Maths Department).

This project focuses on drug delivery and mass transport in complex biological systems. We will explore how molecules navigate through disordered networks, from liposomes to human skin. Led by experts in computer simulations and continuum models, we will unravel the connections between molecular-level interactions and macroscopic drug delivery processes. This project represents a prime opportunity to develop skills in both atomistic simulations and fluid dynamics, while addressing challenges such as optimising drug transport and release via state-of-the-art nano-carriers. Moreover, we will leverage collaborations with experimental partners and offer unique opportunities to make a real impact on healthcare applications.

We are seeking a truly committed student to embark into this fascinating project – given the start date, better apply sooner rather than later!

Informal enquiries are welcome and should be directed to Gabriele at [email protected]