A PhD Studentship (to start in October 2020) is now available via the HETSYS Centre for Doctoral Training at Warwick Uni. Jointly supervised by myself and Dr. Anders Broo (AstraZeneca plt.), the project seeks to transform the current paradigm of machine learning for drug design – by stepping away from the “one molecule in vacuum” approach to embrace the structural complexity of actual 3D molecular models.

By bringing together the long standing expertise and the prime resources of AstraZeneca with the materials science know-how and the computational techniques of the SossoGroup, the student will be presented with the unique opportunity to develop a novel machine learning framework with the potential of making a concrete impact for the pharmaceutical industry.

Do you have what it takes? If you think so, feel free to get in touch. Given the strong industrial support to this project, we anticipate a substantial number of applications – make your move sooner rather than later!