Last week the group returned to the evening extravaganza that is the annual Science Gala, hoping to amaze and inspire the next generation of scientists (while gaining the approval of their onlooking parents…).
Joining other great exhibitions at the HetSys stand, Matt and Trent ran a live, interactive molecular dynamics simulation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) protease, inviting the kids (and parents!) to inspect and interact with this deadly virus close-up, but from the relative safety of the chemistry concourse. Kat and other HetSys students also drew plenty of attention with their colourful demonstrations of Reinhardt’s dye and its solvatochromic properties, alongside a showcase of microscope slides which could be viewed to reveal micro-scale heterogeneity and birefringence.
All in all, we had a great time and hope all those visiting did too – see you at the Gala next year!